Monday, October 29, 2007

Marching Soup

Saturday I went to march against the war in the pouring rain. I had the beginnings of a cold but I had promised a woman from a Kucinich For President group that I would meet here there and march with signs and pass out flyers: so, with signs, flyers, a fever and a very accomodating Trey in tow, headed to Union Square.

It rained and there were some of the usual annoying peace march cliches on display: Peter from Peter, Paul and Mary was there to sing, that kind of thing. Initially I felt conspicuous and small holding aloft my "KUCINICH 2008" sign, but was glad that I did as several people approached me and asked for information, or said "I love him! He's the only one!" [with the exception of the sexagenarian who yelled at me "HE'LL NEVER WIN BECAUSE HE IS NOT A MOVIE STAR AND HE'S NOT A GODDAMN LIAR" while brushing past.

I made the soup above for breakfast. It had 30 cloves of garlic in it, some paprika, purple potatoes, organic celery and a head of parsley.

I also made Lolo's vegan mac-and-cheese THREE times this weekend. It is THAT good. I like it because I wake up before Trey and I'm always starving and so I know when I make it there will be breakfast awaiting me the next morning. In addition, each serving of the pasta ALONE contains 30% of my RDA of folate! Not to mention the nutrients added from the tahini, soymilk, and massive amount of nutritional yeast! Truly, I will owe it to my unborn baby to eat it 3 times a day. Thank you, Lolo! [I omitted the tomato paste because I've found I never like tomato paste in anything, I'm just that way.]

I truly encourage anyone who reads this to please visit the Dennis Kucinich website. He's the only candidate who supports ending the occupation in Iraq yesterday, as well as true universal healthcare. If you are a registered Democrat, you can vote for Dennis in the primary election.

A comment I hear over and over is that "He's great, but he's not electable." Says who? If you think someone is "unelectable," it means you aren't willing to speak up to get them elected. It sickens and annoys me how people say this shit. Who died and made flaccid defeatism "sophisticated" political analysis? The "unelectable" are rendered so by your, by OUR own laziness and complacency. If a bunch of tweens can band together to put Sanjaya on fucking American Idol, wouldn't it stand to reason that people could get a candidate on the ballot for the fucking PRIMARY?

Dear Reader, I know how tacky and scary and embarrassing it is to be sincere. Let's all help each other try, like LeFrak City, to live a little better.

Huis Close!

I have ONE square to go on my sister's combination wedding and X-mas gift. One square, about 100 ends to weave in and possibly a crochet border. I am so so sad to be giving this away, but hey! I can always make another six-months-in the making project using over TWO MILES of yarn.

It's a mystery to me how there can be any person who knits and doesn't believe in evolution. How can you knit and not think of DNA? In knitting you have 2 basic stitches --the knit and the purl -- DNA has four bases that combine to make bacteria and badgers and butterflies and Brontosauri. How can you not make the connection from simple beginning to fractal complexity? I never really understood how you could pack so many nucleotides into chromosomoes until I knitted this massive fucking afghan.

Agent Provocateur Dishcloth

I'm thinking of making this a bit longer than the pattern calls for and making a sweet set of little hand towels. Can you tell I am somewhat hooked on this pattern?

I'm also thinking of doing the pattern in a scarf for a friend of mine in a more scarf-appropriate yarn: but I think it might be best if on a verrrrry long circular needle so the long sides of the little "bricks" run parallel with the length of the scarf. Thoughts?


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cautious Progress

I am ovulating right now and it is fucking killing me. It feels like a dog biting my hipbone, the feeling after you slam your hand in a drawer and it gets cold, it comes in weird gravitational waves, what the fuck!

In other news I am going to a chiropractor who is restoring me to sanity. I realized that I had had no body work nor gone to therapy since my mom died, since Trey left his job, since our crazy summer, since a lot of things, and all of this had colonized my trapezius and right shoulder and right arm, culminating in a week of burning pain in September after I almost got fired for a huge fuck up at work brought on by stress and my own flailing rage issues. Back in February I tried seeing a cognitive therapist on my plan but she and I didn’t click, and if you are trying to free yourself from negative thinking it really doesn’t help to regurgitate the things in the past that you brood on in the subway to an idiot who you are ostensibly hiring to keep you from brooding on the subway, you know? Then you take the subway home regurgitating the fruitless regurgitation and have a hard time Being In The Now.

But the chiropractor! She ran electricity on my back and made the muscles leap away like a handful of rabbits. And I cried. And she cracked my neck and I cried so hard OI almost fainted. And for 3 days I was in a daze. And now I feel calm and fine. Except for my shrieking ovary. But that is okay. It’s kind of like the bell jar lifting and feeling the clean and quiet breeze.

(And a thing I thought that I could not forgive – it is forgiven. For real this time.)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It Got Me

I have succumbed to the Peaches and Creme Ballband Dishcloth Disease. As you can see, I made a coupleof mistakes!