Friday, January 02, 2009

A Shot In The Arm

Happy New Year! I hope yours was nice, Gentle Reader. Mine was, in part because I got the Carolina range from Agent Provocateur on sale and started the New Year off nicely. I can't decide which is my favoriter new acquisition: this underwear or the immersion blender I got for Christmas. Can I tell you how fucking amazing an immersion blender is? NO MESS! INSTANT marinades and smoothies and things! It's like being a superhero and your power is point your finger and liquefy.

I had a nice time away with my family the week of Christmas, and the dogs loved it in particular, the SMELLS! The SOUNDS!! The RIVER!! I finally played Rock Band and yes, it was fun, but it also made me miss playing with my band. The band seems to be on some kind of hiatus and I am wondering what to do with myself now. I've found myself wishing that instead of learning to knit four years ago I had learned how to play the guitar. Then the house would be full of music instead of yarn.

(Insert expected bit of wondering aloud where this blog will go and if I even want to bother with it anymore, etc etc. Will it be about vegan cooking and small dailinesses? Ranting about politics is so fucking tiresome at this point, and now that Obama is going off the rails with this Warren bullshit and Vilsack nomination I have lost all interest, not that any of it comes as any surprise, but it is disappointing nonetheless. Can you be disappointed if you aren't surprised?) There is writing I want to do but I'm not sure if it is bloggable, or blog-appropriate, or if it would instead involve starting a whole other blog project and is that the best use of my time?

I am very grateful for my job, but know that after this I need to do something new and that has meaning for me. Here are the possible options:

Become a Pilates instructor. Become a schoolteacher. Ultimately get paid to write, using a new blog as a springboard (cue visions of working from home with baby and ultimate book deal blah blah blah). The RockRidge institute is no more, so I can't work for them. And beyond all these options is another, more secret plan. TOP SECRET!

Happy New Year again!


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