Thursday, May 31, 2007

It Says It All, Doesn't It

That one of the leading spokespeople for the so-called Concerned Women for America is not only

a) a MAN (WTF?)
b) a prominent "ex-gay" "MINISTER"?
Stephen Bennett, Founder of Stephen Bennett Ministries, evangelist and Christian recording artist, lived the homosexual lifestyle for over 11 years. After more than 100 partners and a long-term homosexual relationship, he left it all in 1992 through Jesus Christ. Stephen shares his story, his new life with his wife and children, and his calling into a national ministry to reach homosexuals for Jesus Christ.

Stephen Bennet's website proclaims his "message" to be"
one of love, compassion and exhortation to the church: that we need to love and reach out to homosexual individuals as Christ would. At the same time, we need to take a principled, biblical stand against the promotion and acceptance of a behavior-based lifestyle – one the Bible calls sin. While it’s a very fine line to walk, it can be done."
Love and Christ-like Compassion(TM)? Let's check out his statements on Mary Cheney and Heather Poe's new baby! From AmericaBlog:
While this little innocent child Samuel David Cheney deserves every fighting chance at life, the sins of two women, Mary Cheney and Heather Poe, have deliberately denied the Vice President's grandson one of the most basic human rights of all: the right to a Daddy and a Mommy.

I say shame on the White House, shame on the President and shame on the Vice President for allowing such a caption to be "officially" added onto the White House website and such a beautiful photo of two happy grandparents and their new grandchild.

I guess we can tragically and officially say both the White House and Bush Administration have officially recognized the sinful sexual unions of homosexuals, as well as recognized and embraced the tragedy of the social experiment of homosexual parenting.
(I guess Jesus doesn't care if little Iraqi children are denied the right to a Daddy AND Mommy?)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Endless, Endless Assent

Some days, stumbling across an article like this, for a moment, I nearly want to lie down and die.

But then, I remember that not only am I married to the most wonderful man in the world, but that Die Romantik, my very favorite band, is releasing their record and playing at the Mercury Lounge this Saturday, June 2nd. The new record is so, so beautiful, and I encourage everyone to go!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Spaced Out

There's lots of the usual bullshit in the world that I'd love to complain about, but today I am just too fucking spaced out. I don't know if it is this period or what (Did I mention I'm having my period? You know, that time of the month when big bloody strings leak out of my uterus -- you know, that thing that the Supreme Court is the boss of now, or so I hear? If you saw the massive bloody show that's been a leak-leak-leaking out of my vagina, Supreme Court, maybe you'd reconvene for a big fat do-over. What do you say?)

Maybe I am so spacey because Saturday was a long, action packed day. I got up to make it to the van rental on 10th Avenue and 41st to begin the all-day Bachelor Party extravaganza for my dearest friend J., who has honored me by choosing me to be his BEST MAN. So at 9:15 am, I met up with 4 guy friends of J's, picked up a LARGE van and then picked up the groom to be, and headed out to Long Island, where we shot rifles, drank margaritas, went bowling, listened to a ton of Yacht Rock, returned to Manhattan, drank sake, drank some more, and failed to score a room at karaoke. [And I ran into Zeebah, who was at a bachelorette thing at the Pyramid, and she finally met Trey.]

But today I am incredible spacey, as if I had downed six Benadryl with a TheraFlu back. All that gunfire and bowling and best-manning and menstruating makes one tired.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Things Are Looking Up

Trey and I just got back from a long weekend in Los Angeles, having attended the first of what may now be as many as SEVEN weddings between last Sunday and mid-October.

We had a very nice time, we stayed in a silly boutique hotel, went to a Eurovision Song Contest party in Laurel Canyon, visited a good friend of mine in Venice, and did a tour through downtown LA where I bought a big bag of mole and some fell-off-a-truck underpants. And we saw tons of nice dogs and a hummingbird almost flew right up to my face.

And Trey quit his job, at long last. No longer a bar widow, we will be able to have brunch together on weekends, go away on trips, spend an entire Saturday together. I can't begin to explain how happy I am.

My only regret about our trip was that I did not get a chance to model my NEW BATHING SUIT, pictured above! Perhaps in the Holiday Inn Islip pool, Memorial Day Weekend, at Wedding # 2 in the 2007 Weddingpaloozaganza.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Excerpt For Today

Ruta Skadi stood. Her white arms gleamed in the firelight; her eyes glittered so brightly that even the farthest witch could see the play of expression on her vivid face.

"Sisters," she began, "let me tell you what is happening, and who it is that we must fight. For there is a war coming. I don't know who will join with us, but I know whom we must fight. It is the Magisterium, the Church. For all its history -- and that's not long by our lives, but it's many, many of theirs -- it's tried to suppress and control every natural impulse. And when it can't control them, it cuts them out. Some of you have seen what they did at Bolvangar. And that was horrible, but it is not the only such place, not the only such practice. Sisters, you know only the north; I have traveled in the south lands. There are churches there, believe me, that cut their children too, as the people of Bolvangar did -- not in the same way, but just as horribly. They cut their sexual organs, yes, both boys and girls; they cut them with knives so they shan't feel. That is what the Church does, and every church is the same: control, destroy, obliterate every good feeling. So if a war comes, and the Church is on one side of it, we must be on the other, no matter what strange allies we find ourselves bound to.

----- Philip Pullman, The Subtle Knife