Monday, May 21, 2007

Spaced Out

There's lots of the usual bullshit in the world that I'd love to complain about, but today I am just too fucking spaced out. I don't know if it is this period or what (Did I mention I'm having my period? You know, that time of the month when big bloody strings leak out of my uterus -- you know, that thing that the Supreme Court is the boss of now, or so I hear? If you saw the massive bloody show that's been a leak-leak-leaking out of my vagina, Supreme Court, maybe you'd reconvene for a big fat do-over. What do you say?)

Maybe I am so spacey because Saturday was a long, action packed day. I got up to make it to the van rental on 10th Avenue and 41st to begin the all-day Bachelor Party extravaganza for my dearest friend J., who has honored me by choosing me to be his BEST MAN. So at 9:15 am, I met up with 4 guy friends of J's, picked up a LARGE van and then picked up the groom to be, and headed out to Long Island, where we shot rifles, drank margaritas, went bowling, listened to a ton of Yacht Rock, returned to Manhattan, drank sake, drank some more, and failed to score a room at karaoke. [And I ran into Zeebah, who was at a bachelorette thing at the Pyramid, and she finally met Trey.]

But today I am incredible spacey, as if I had downed six Benadryl with a TheraFlu back. All that gunfire and bowling and best-manning and menstruating makes one tired.


Anonymous z. said...

It was so crazy to see you guys! I'm glad that the order of drinking margaritas & shooting rifles wasn't reversed. That would've been dangerous. ;)

12:29 PM  
Blogger Ashbloem said...

that sounds fun.

10:23 PM  

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