Monday, March 26, 2007

Je Suis Partout A La Fois

Tonight I made chili SIN carne al mole from scratch that was heavenly. I then finished my husband's sweater while watching Kill Bill.

Kill Bill is awesome! Knitting a sweater, freaking out that you can pick up stitches on a roll-neck while laughing at the fact that you totally know and have seen exactly which King Hu and Seijin Suzuki movies are being ripped off -- I mean, being paid homage, and yet totally identifying with Uma Thurman -- and then, when her daughter shows up, knowing that you would rip the throat out of anyone who hurt your baby with your own teeth, like, you would pin them down and do it, and at the same time you miss your dead mom and you love your husband and can't wait for him, in all his mathematical genius to see that you have harnessed the form of a spiral to make the soft rollneck of the first sweater you have ever made for him, to see an abstraction manifested through the little good-faith repetitions, a million little repetitions, one foot in front of the other.

I know something new tonight, that I didn't know before. I just know. Which is, that I am complete, in a way I didn't feel until today. But I know what I know, what I know.


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