Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ah! If Only

Those cargo cultists knew the true author of their precious "Book of John "...

Ah, my. "In the beginning was the Word..." Word to your mother, you fearful little men. The Word was an accident after the fact -- perhaps one of the many most beautiful accidents ever! An accident just the same.

Funny how "ID" and "ED" are kind of rhyming marketing strategies to allay the same fear.

Theistic realism = "My imaginary Dad can beat up your Dad!!!" Can we please actually get something done around here? You want to protest abortion, fuck off. Unless you have been consistently protesting the 600,000 RETROACTIVE ABORTIONS in Iraq, shut the fuck up, you stupid git. Oh, yo, gay marriage? Give me a fucking break: all the people who have issues with that are divorced, including my dad, who didn't leave my mom for another man, but her female friend, so, hey Dad, you need to kind of back out of that.


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