Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here's A Better Idea

How about, stop feeding cows pulverized remains of dead other cows, fuckwits!


Blogger dr. fluffy jones said...

Excellent idea. And here's another one. Howzabout everybody stops eating beef produced in factory farms?

Here's one option, but there are a lot out there -- vote with your dollar!

Niman Ranch (not one ranch, but a collection of different farmer-producers around the country with similar beliefs, managed by the company "Niman Ranch" - I have visited their meat packing facility)

i.e.: Our ranchers accompany our cattle to the slaughterhouse so they have a familiar and friendly person with them. If an animal is stressed at the time of slaughter, we pull it from the line to calm it down.;pgid=LKGgY0NzE58000Q9qRVluyGo0000uEORDLjC?Page=content%2fOurBeef

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