Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fundamentalist Ranting or Japanese Packaging?

The first reader to e-mail the correct answers wins a Calin-Genou!
  1. Others like Sir Issac Newton believed that what they strongly studied had to do with a much greater being, that being God. Theyd acknowledge that Christianity is indeed extremely compatible with science.

  2. Beliefs they had may not be your own, and nor would you even consider actually studying through it, whether you be scared of finding something out, or just getting peeved off, but I highly reccomend researching like many others. Whether you have already, and still do not believe truth; it is the truth.

  3. Notice Less Red This Christmas Season? Maybe unclean spirits don’t want the power of red through the blood Jesus Christ sacrificed for our sins shining brightly this Christmas season and therefore they trying to faze red out of holiday celebrations.

  4. Do not use it for other use.
    Do not use it for body.
    Do not use it to something has absorption function or to paper
    When you are not sure if you can use it or not, please use it at an unnoticeable area to avoid the decoloration.
    Strong force can make this goods split.
    Please store it away from the children.

  5. Unlike you, we believe Jesus should be sought before inquiring about a medical doctor.

  6. Please make it cooperate though it troubles it.

  7. If patients keep the consciousness, drink two cups of water and make vomiting, then go hospital right away. If patients have loss consciousness, or shaking trouble, please do not feed anything, go to hospital right away.

  8. You all watched "The Matrix" I guess. What if we are leaving in a dream and we are not aware of the world we live in is just an imagination?
    At night we see dreams and while we are dreaming we don't realise that we are in a dream. we think as if it is the real world. we give real responds to the events. If the whole life(as we name it) is a long dream that we don't get up. Maybe one day we will suddenly wake up from "our life dream". Maybe we are living in the Matrix at it is called. Can we be sure of that?


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