Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Move Over, Harold Bloom

Reading Kate's blog today I am reminded that Lillet and I engaged in some tetrahydrocannabinol-inspired literary criticism the same evening we were reading Harry Potter.

We came across the Amazon page for Tim LaHaye's Glorious Appearing. As Publisher's Weekly describes it ...
Jesus returns at last in this 12th novel in the phenomenally popular Left Behind series, vanquishing his foes and ushering in a new millennium of peace and righteousness. Ray Steele is the only member of the original Tribulation Force alive to see it, however, since Buck Williams endures a bloody death in the opening pages.
Herein, our reviews.

It's like Wyndham Lewis' Human Age trilogy ... if you're a total fucking moron.
-- Trey Desolay
That's so cool! That's so heavy metal!
-- Trey Desolay
You know if it's a Christian book and the girl's name is Chloe, she's a slut!
-- Lillet Langtry


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