Thursday, November 01, 2007

Some Call It A Shitty Condo: We Call It "Maze"

This LUXURY BUILDING is a few blocks from Trey's and my apartment.

What I love most is the name. First of all, who the fuck wants to live in a "MAZE"? What series of meetings culminated in this tinderboxes christening?

"I mean, we're thinking labyrinthine, we're thinking like cramped, you know, like the DMV kinda!"

"Dude! Dude. DUDE. I've fucking GOT IT. MAZE. "

"DUDE. Well done!"

So not only is this yet another nail in the coffin of semantic content, but the the absolute KICKER is that this condo is -- get ready! THREE STORIES HIGH. Like, you could TOTALLY GET LOST IN THERE! Like, whoa ... yesterday my apartment was on the THIRD floor, but today, I totally fucking live on the GROUND FLOOR! I am living on the FUCKING EDGE!"


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