Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Please, Co-Worker, Do Not Ask Me Why The Lobby TV Is Not On Today

Because I just don't want to see all the bullshit about today. I just don't.

I still maintain that the only good writing about 9/11 is this piece by Trey and the special edition of The Onion.

This morning in bed I woke and could feel winter coming. Today's weather is particularly crappy, approaching asymptotes of "dreary" and "humid" -- a dark morning reminding me that soon I'll have to travel to work in the cold pre-dawn. Walking to the subway this morning I reached absentmindedly at my ponytail and realized that I had secured my hair pre-shower with a makeshift scrunchie from yesterday's underpants. I know I'm not the only one who's done this before, ladies! My on-train reading was an article from my mom's still arriving susbscription to Discover magazine about all the people getting sick from the dust at the World Trade Center site.

I'm sick from it too, in my own way.


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