Friday, August 17, 2007

Bring the T-Pain (Or, Why My Brother-In-Law Is Awesome)

lillet: maybe you want to check out these lyrics

bro-in-law: When I Whisper In Ya Ear
Ya Legs Hit The Chandleer

Classy. It's funny. in the comments, everyone says how ugly the guy is. He must think so too, since his whole come-on is "I have money. I have a Cadillac. Sleep with me."

He's like MC Low Self-Esteem

lillet: Well he's MC Low Ceilings, anyway

if his date's legs are hitting the "Chandleer"

bro-in-law: maybe he's MC Inept Do-It-Your-Selfer, and he just installed the

chandaleer without adjusting the chain length

so it hangs three feet above the bed.

lillet: Maybe he needs to cut a record with MC Home Depot

get some shizit done around the hizzouse

bro-in-law: I thought Ace was the place with the helpful hardware MC

lillet: Ace of Basement

bro-in-law: Got my glue gun strapped and I'm ready to pop a cap in some drywall

lillet: Then gonna take me a nap and then maybe play me some foosball

I'm the Ace of Basement

I'll fix yo' casement

Seems yo' drywall is needing REPLACEMENT

bro-in-law: how bout some cabinet REFACIN'?

lillet: a new BASIN

for that sink by the mirror that you see yo' FACE IN?

bro-in-law: and a chrome WASTE BIN for that room where you be TASTIN'

bro-in-law: Get me the protractor, and we'll do some TRACIN'

lillet: Oh shit! Yo' foundation be needing some BRACIN'

bro-in-law: But first check yo Timberlands. They need LACIN'

lillet: Ace of Basement, he got no time to be HATIN

Cause he sees yo' attic needs some INSULATIN

bro-in-law: You want new shingles? We could put some SLATE IN

lillet: Yo, step aside, as I'm backing my RIDE IN

My Escalade's holding some 'LUMINUM SIDIN'

bro-in-law: That's a crib to take some PRIDE IN

lillet: One R. Kelly would live wit' an underage BRIDE IN

bro-in-law: A place where a ho could be PLIED in (with alcohol)

bro-in-law: A place where yo ass can get WIDE IN

lillet: Where your chronic can HIDE IN

bro-in-law: A place you won't be TRIED IN

lillet: A place where you all your peeps are INVITIN

bro-in-law: where only the dogs are FIGHTIN' (Michael Vick's place)

bro-in-law: where the chandeleer needs HIGHTIN"

(and we're full circle)

only took 54 minutes!


Anonymous z said...


3:27 PM  
Blogger Ashbloem said...

That's quality chat right there. That chat is the REASON chat was invented.

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