Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Feeling Much Better Now Thank You

Whew! Feeling MUCH better after getting my period right before we went to the wedding in Saratoga. The tackiest wedding I have ever attended, but still very fun. The kind of wedding where the only white wine is a Chardonnay that smells like Benjamin Moore semi-gloss, the DJ introduces the bride and groom as if they were monster trucks gearing up for a battle to the death, and people were exhorted to do stupid dances. I danced with Trey lots and lots and then evidently took a nap.

The ceremony was held in a Lutheran church that was quite pretty in a midcentury modern blond-wooded way: but I have to say this: Religious weddings seem to me to be incredibly stupid. Religion is stupid. I watch these people listening to the most insane things.... I mean, that fucking reading from Corinthians, courtesy of John, one of the top ten mysogynists of all time ... What the fuck does that have to do with being married? What a lot of singsongy nonsense! I asked Trey the next day, punchily hungover and curled up naked in his arms, "do these people listen to what the hell insane crazypants bullshit is being said in church?" and he answered with an authoritative "No, I really don't think they do. I think it's like the way the kids hear the teacher in Charlie Brown, they just hear 'WAWOHWAHWOH God WAWOHWAWOH Love WAHWOHWAHWAHWOH mirror glass love great love'."

"Also," I said, "I hate that 'until death do us part' bit. It's like, 'I guess I will put up with you until you die and I can go fuck someone else.'"

And then Trey said in a voice like Ben Stein, "UNTIL WE ARE DEAD FROM BEING POOR AND SICK, I WILL PUT UP WITH YOU." And I laughed at this for about an hour.

I love him so very, very much. Even after I am dead from being poor and sick I will love you, love you, love you.


Blogger Ashbloem said...

Ours might be tackier, but no religion!

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