Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Knitting Blog: Holiday Magic!!

I did it! I made a sweater! For my west-coast sister who I won't see this Christmas, and I am so relieved it actually turned out.

[It is the Klaralund pattern from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Noro book, in Malabrigo Jaen on size 10 circular needles.]

Sorry about my past posts being lame. All is better, our Christmas tree is gorgeous, and Trey and I are FINALLY GOING AWAY. I always tell people that when we share a whole day together it feels like Christmas: and as of tomorrow, triply so!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Accident

Thank you, Wikipedia, for this little present in the midst of online self-diagnosis.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Same Narrow Examination

"We were all ranked together at the valuation. Men and women, old and young, married and single, were ranked with horses, sheep, and swine. There were horses and men, cattle and women, pigs and children, all holding the same rank in the scale of being, and were all subjected to the same narrow examination. Silvery-headed age and sprightly youth, maids and matrons, had to undergo the same inspection. At this moment, I saw more clearly than ever the brutalizing effects of slavery upon both slave and slaveholder."

[Source: "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas" by Frederick Douglas.]

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Absolute Worst Until The Next Time

Above Image: You, Me, Everyone We Know

How can anyone, Christian "ID" types in particular, find anything specially super-chosen-awesome about the human race, when there is shit like this?
The crowd is getting ugly. Soldiers roll up in a Hummer. Suddenly, the whole right half of your body is screaming in agony. You feel like you've been dipped in molten lava. You almost faint from shock and pain, but instead you stumble backwards -- and then start running. To your surprise, everyone else is running too. In a few seconds, the street is completely empty.

You've just been hit with a new nonlethal weapon that has been certified for use in Iraq -- even though critics argue there may be unforeseen effects.

According to documents obtained for Wired News under federal sunshine laws, the Air Force's Active Denial System, or ADS, has been certified safe after lengthy tests by military scientists in the lab and in war games.
Hmmm. No consideration of the chaos and injury that would ensue when hundreds or thousands of people start fleeing in panic because they feel their skin "melting" off. What is the guarantee of "almost" fainting? What if you are pregnant, what if you are three years old, what if you are epileptic? Hasn't the utterly rampant misuse of the taser taught us anything about so called "nonlethal" weapons?

But I guess they tested it, right? Our super-duper-trustworthy government made sure it was okay, right?

Lethal or non- : Let us pause for a moment, and think about what is involved in the process of thinking about a weapon that would make people suffer without actually killing them, designing a weapon that would make people suffer without killing them, constructing prototypes of a weapon to make people suffer, testing these prototypes, the inevitable early-use failures to cause suffering-but-not-quite-kill, etc.

I think the whole enterprise is a big fucking waste of $40 million tax dollars, money that could go to education, food, etc etc etc the shit the X-tian right doesn't care about, blah blah.

But I leave you with this:
Eye damage is identified as the biggest concern, but the military claims this has been thoroughly studied. Lab testing found subjects reflexively blink or turn away within a quarter of a second of exposure, long before the sensitive cornea can be damaged. Tests on monkeys showed that corneal damage heals within 24 hours, the reports claim.

"A speculum was needed to hold the eyes open to produce this type of injury because even under anesthesia, the monkeys blinked, protecting the cornea," the report says.
WOW MAN! Dude, this weapon is so safe if I were protesting the WTO I TOTALLY would not go BLIND, man! I might get cancer, but shit, you'd need a SPECULUM to HOLD MY EYES OPEN, man!

Wow, corneal damage in crucified monkeys heals in less than 24 hours. RAD! So that makes it a) okay to torture primates to get this vital security information b) okay to damage the corneas of anyone through torturous force as long as it is less than 24 hours?

Is it okay to sodomize my toddler for less than 24 hours as long as she heals and doesn't remember what happened? Is it okay to rape me for less than 24 hours as long as I don't get an STD and no one finds out?

This whole ridiculous fucking article is only a core sample of how completely foul our world has become. Let's just cut to the chase and yield to the Vivisection Republic of Gilead, where "reality" and "sentience" and "rights" and "particularity" are obscenities, and that we can all be proud for spiriting Mengele down south: for the father of our true country has taught us everything we "know."

Monday, December 04, 2006

Tell Me Something I Don't Know Already

Your 'Do You Want the Terrorists to Win' Score: 96%

You are a terrorist-loving, Bush-bashing, "blame America first"-crowd traitor. You are in league with evil-doers who hate our freedoms. By all counts you are a liberal, and as such cleary desire the terrorists to succeed and impose their harsh theocratic restrictions on us all. You are fit to be hung for treason! Luckily George Bush is tapping your internet connection and is now aware of your thought-crime. Have a nice day.... in Guantanamo!

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win?
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