Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Fitzukkah Too

'Twas the night before Fitzmas, and all through the nation
Dems hit "refresh" on their blogs with elation!
On Huffpo! On Juan Cole! On, John Aravosis!
Now must check DailyKos for the Fitzmas prognosis!
Weeks ago Bush proclaimed with a smirk and a nudge
"Why, ah think my lawyer would make a fine judge!"
Alas, all the wingnuts then made him decline her
And now she's got time to wash off her eyeliner.
But don't get your hopes up, because we all know
Although karma declares you should reap what you sow:
And Fitz, Mr. Cheney's got reasons to fear ya
But don't be surprised when we start bombing Syria.


Blogger Ashbloem said...


2:26 PM  
Blogger ME Strauss said...

What a great Sunday morning read!

I'm sorry I let you fall off my radar. But then most things have these days--too much work not enough fun.

Thank for you changing that over my coffee this morning.


8:26 AM  

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