Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Faraway, So Close

Gore is launching a new $300 million advocacy campaign to foster awareness of climate change working with the Alliance for Climate Protection.

What do they propose? Lots of good stuff. But there's one big-ass lacuna there! Can you guess what it is?

My diet is vegan not just because I care about animals. It's because it's an environmental issue, and it's also a human rights issue. Eating factory farmed meat is like wearing Nikes made out of dead toddlers. Come on, already.

I'm extra sad because of something that happened in my neighborhood. Here is my IM with my sister from Tuesday:

lillet langtry: okay
i love my neighborhood
i was in the backyard
7:32 PM starting to do some gardening stuff
step one being to transplant my mom's irises into these bigger pots
i look in the italian people's yard 2 yards over
and they have 2 pet bunnies! running around!
one white and one orange!
7:33 PM then
mr. pontani comes out
gives me this long monologue in italian
about polish people, housing prices, he's going to italy friday
7:34 PM and then goes into the shed and comes back with this bottle of homebrew port
and tells me I should take it with "a little soda."
7:39 PM sister: i just took the pups out for their last daylight romp
that is a goot

I told Trey about the bunnies and he was totally excited to see them. I tried to videotape them one afternoon when I got home from work but the battery in our camera was dead and I couldn't figure out how to charge it. And then I was off to a super fun weekend in Boston!

When I came home Sunday night, Trey told me the bad thing that had happened: He went out in the backyard to look for the bunnies again. And saw one. Skinned, and being gutted by Mr. and Mrs. Pontani. I was glad he hadn't seen them when they were sweet and alive.

All of that and what for? A wad of flesh the size of two fists, maybe, and all, in the end for nothing.


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