Friday, February 15, 2008

Metastasization Documentation

They are making progress [sic] on the glorious THE HUMBOLDT. Those pallets have been on our street mouldering in the rain and occupying parking spaces for over a month now, by the way. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Up the street, the MAZE is even more hilarious than before! The banner trumpeting "STELLAR LIVING" has fallen to hang half down for about 6 weeks now. A friend of mine and I walked past it on Sunday and there was a realtor who made the Millionaire Matchmaker resemble Grace Kelly by comparison. The inside of the Maze smells like mold and the light in the "lobby" recalls waking up hungover in the bowels of an abandoned aquarium after a nuclear strike. The outside detailing is secured by duct tape in some places. Oh yeah, but per the Realtroll people are "already living there!!"

Oh god, please check out THE MAZE's website, where this uber-douchely bricolage is billed as "The Epitome of LifeSTYLE."

I heartily agree, oh MAZE copy-scribe. I wholly, wholeheartedly agree.


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