Monday, January 28, 2008

Vegan White Trash Breakfast

I have been obsessed with vegan McMuffins. This one has a Gimme Lean patty on it (sauteed in Earth Balance with some garlic and fennel) and 2 slices of tofu, marinaded in garlic and tamari and then breaded in a little flour and salt and cayenne and fried in the Earth Balance) on a toasted English muffin with Vegenaise, ketchup and that spicy rooster sauce. Trey made fun of me, but I made him one yesterday with no mayonnaise and he agreed that it was awesome.

I'm still working for Dennis to keep him in Congress. I was crushed when he dropped out, but what can you do. I just hope that everyone who made fun of him enjoys their shitty, shitty healthcare premiums for the rest of their lives.

I have met some really amazing people through my Kucinich-ing and am totally 100% proud to support Dennis still. In addition, just through being truthful and talking to other people (including strangers) I got several people to support him in the primary. Even though it is scary, standing on a streetcorner with a sign ends up being the right thing to do sometimes, and I'm determined to continue to fight the good fight, to organize, and to try to be the change I wish to see in the world, not just blog IN ALL CAPS!!!!! about it.


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