Monday, January 07, 2008

A Few Things

Did I mention that I hate Evites? I feel so guilty typing this as many fine people I love dearly use them to tell me about fun events, but I just fucking hate them. I hate having to click on five things to see what I've been E-vited to. I hate the nagging reminders that I still haven't responded to "Fajita-Fest 97" or whatever it is. I guess since I have never sent one I don't appreciate the convenience and the organization of the Evite, but, just like I can't bear to read things in certain fonts, the minute an event is manifested in an Evite my desire to attend plummets.

Did I mention that I hate the way people talk about politics like it's a fucking football game, and do so in a tone of overweening self-congratulation for being so much more sophisticated than people who actually care about, like, what happens to people? Did I mention that I want to drop-kick people who talk about "electability"? Because those are the same kind of namby-pamby wannabe Beltway insider "Dems" who thought Kerry was the key to 2004 and think that Hillary Clinton will somehow get elected because she has a shitload of money. John Aravosis is a perfect example of this, a fawning bootlicker who has the audacity to consider Kucinich to be not a real candidate and then bitches and moans about what a useless pile-of-shit Congress we have now. Connect the dots, moron. Vote your fucking values.

I was not surprised that Huckabee got Iowa. OF COURSE HE DID! LOOK WHERE WE LIVE!! He might as well be President Applebee's! If Huckabee get's the GOP nomination, I will be laughing my ass off and crying and puking at the same time.

Also -- I had a very unsettling dream in which Dennis Kucinich made a pass at me in the magazine store in Grand Central Station. I don't know what to make of that, as in real life there is no way any man, least of all Dennis would two-time Elizabeth Kucinich. I'm still voting for him in the primary, of course, and I'll be flyering in Union Square this coming Saturday. Consider yourselves E-vited, okay?

Truly, madly, sadly,



Blogger molly said...

i f'n HATE e-vites too.

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