Friday, October 13, 2006

Why I Love Urban Baby

Toddler - Oct 13th, 2006 10:02am
26. could a bobcat be fierce enough to take off a woman's arm? i'm truly asking. (writing a short story)

* that is so stupid

o so it couldn't?

+ no one wants you to try to villify an animal like that. beyond stupid

# ah i see. well, but people do get attacked by animals.

* never. bears only

* of course they do. I find the OR's comments quite bizarre.

* I think so

* is it rabid?

* most wild animals do not go after people like that at all

* who cares (not a good story)

o it might be depending on what the rest of op's story is

+ I'm imagining the woman will have lost an arm?

o you said it!

o thanks harold bloom

o how can you possibly pass judgment on her story based on this post? that's beyond absurd.

+ at least 2 of us agree
* yes
o thx.
* I think yes
* Is a bobcat the same as a mountain lion? If so, yes.
* no - but a mountain lion could
o ok, thanks
* it could if it wanted to.


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