Thursday, September 28, 2006

Graham Avenue, You're ON NOTICE!


Anonymous z said...


Fanny's. We went there for brunch last weekend. That's the last time we go there... we had a nice dinner there right after they opened (that might've been the bottle of wine we brought in & drank w/ dinner b4 they had their license), but we've given them several other chances, and nah. Done. The food isn't all that great... and their coffee is tres horrible. You can't be a bistro and not be able to get f-ing coffee after your meal!

And don't get me started on Satchmo's. I never go there, since I usually don't venture to that side of Metropol unless it's for Tony's or El Loco. But the guy who owns it is a weirdo. Nice, but a complete weirdo.

And glass buildings. If I had a dollar for every out of scale, ugly-ass m8therf&cking building going up in our neighborhood, I'd be able to buy one of these ugly-ass m8therf&cking buildings myself.

Blahblahblah. Sorry for taking up your comment space!

2:28 PM  
Blogger Lillet Langtry said...

Hi Z! I love hearing from you!

My beef with Fanny's: Went for brunch back in the wintertime. Service took forever and there was a broken piece of plastic fork in my omelet. At least the blond ice queen owner comped me. (this was when I still ate eggs.)

Went there for brunch again with friends. Ordered the only vegan option (and I know that Fanny's isn't going to have a big selection, no problem -- I figure the portabello, spinach and tapenade sandwich will be okay. Our food takes nearly an HOUR and my sandwich is the NASTIEST thing EVER. Fanny;s is only good for drinking a beer while you do your laundry next door when it is hot.

Satchmo's: that guy Alex is creepy and used to hit on me all the time. Didn;t acknowledge me when I said hi to him at the Halloween parade a couple of years ago: was it cause he was with his GIRLFRIEND? I love the sandwiches at Satchmo's and they have good coffee, but unless the cute hispanic guy is getting your coffee, prepare to lose a lot of time waiting. Satchmo's service makes Phoebe's look like the fucking SWISS EMBASSY.

xoxo L

3:26 PM  

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