Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Absurd, With Love

I am at my reception desk again listening to a portfolio manager present to a room of Japanese bankers.

Very Depressing.

Example: "We are currently very interested in what cancer researchers call 'targeted therapy.' Before, with chemo, it was like carpet bombing, when you just wipe out so many cells and hope the patient survives but now targeted therapy is more like 'Smart bombs,' you know, that target just, like, a bomb shelter instead of wiping out a whole city."
"Example, Whole Foods. People pay three times as much for organic produce at Whole Foods than they would at Safeway, because they want to eat good, healthy food, and they want to express their individuality as that kind of consumer."

What the fuck? I don't buy organic or local because I want to express my individuality: rather, I would like to MAINTAIN and PROLONG my individual existence, by not putting crap in my body and reducing my consumption habits.

The carpet bomb analogy begs a question: Why are we just asssuming that it is acceptable, to carpet bomb a city, or even target a bomb shelter?

Notice how both of these comments come from a worldview that is -- a view of expediency, of dismemberment? A willed denial of the greater disharmony that allows these dismemberments, this psychic triage to be rote procedure instead of last resort?


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