Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Call Me Vanessa Redgrave

I can't believe ANYONE attended this pro-Israel rally. I'm so ashamed. And as usual the media coverage of this issue is a complete fucking travesty, as is this foot-stamping adolescent conflation of ANY critical address of Zionism with "anti-Semitism" that is so fatuous it makes my blood boil.

And really, go fuck yourself Hillary:
“Israel must know that Americans and people who value freedom and the rights and dignity of human beings around the world stand with Israel as she defends herself against these unwarranted, unprovoked attacks of Hamas, Hezbollah and their state sponsors."
I don't endorse violence. Which is why NO moral person could POSSIBLY support, say, bombing the sole power supply for close to a million people living imprisoned in the desert and possibly soon to be without water in so-called retaliation for the kidnapping of a single soldier. That's an atrocity. It's a war crime. No ambiguity there, none. How do you sleep at night, Hillary, you presposterous neo-neo-con fraud?

Every time I read something new about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel reminds me of my psychotic ex-boyfriend. Once in the middle of some wretched drama he said to me: "That's how I've always been. If someone gives me a flower, I'll give them a dozen every day, but if they slap me on the arm, I'll beat them down with a baseball bat." Same dynamic: massive, tragic scale.

The ONLY message anyone should be sending at this point to Israel is knock it the fuck off and try to restore some kind of stability before everything goes to shit and the Rapture Ready eschatological vermin get their deep-fried Super Sized End Times. Here's an idea: let's value the rights and dignity of ALL CIVILIANS to not be reduced to COLLATERAL DAMAGE, regardless of nationality or race.


Anonymous z said...

Thanks for this. Muy cathartic. I've been screaming about Hillary for a while.

3:39 PM  
Blogger Lillet Langtry said...

Anytime you want to get a drink at Daddy's and scream together, let me know! xo L

3:58 PM  

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