Friday, February 18, 2005

Blogs We Like: MasaManiA=道徳遊戯

The two weirdest countries in the world are the U.S. and Japan. I really don't think that there can be any doubt about this, and the weirdness is for both good and bad. What's interesting is that the natives of each country seem not to realize just how much weirdness surrounds them. MasaManiA is an
exception. He knows how completely bizarre is Japanese culture and is not afraid to say so. Indeed, he describes his blog as a
新 聞に載らない日本紹介 Japanese culture report by MasaManiA with fucking photo & poor English you never seen at boring CNN, Time or major sophisticated jurnalism.


I don't know what is good, bad, right or wrong,
but I certainly know there is the truth ! and I also know it must be FUCK !

I'm not moralist. but wana be mania of the truth. MasaManiA means that. this is my philosophy.
Let's get one thing straight. MasaManiA's English isn't bad at all. Reading this, I'm reminded of the joke,
Q: What do you call someone who speaks two languages?
A: Bilingual.
Q: What do you call someone who speaks three languages?
A: Trilingual.
Q: What do you call someone who speaks only one language?
A: American.
This blog is no MasaManiA has no illusions about the English language or American culture. He has only this powerful urge to communicate in English and he does so with an astonishing, face-slapping honesty.

How can you not love a blogger who notes in his profile that
... I study English hard, so i have no time to post new entry to my site. And I also update my site so hard, so i have no time to study English.

This is kind of dilenma ...
... and one moment later tells us that
[w]hen I worked as a porn film director, lots of people scorn my job, and looked down on me. But I know lots of people interesting in fuck. Not only young person, but also old person. And not only barbaric laboric class, but also noble upper class. Not only Clinton, but also Japanese prime minister also like to fuck. It’s absolutely true.
We love MasaManiA for his honesty, for his willingness to fall all over his own English, for his love of American pop culture and fury at American politics, for his guerrilla photographs of Japan, and for his approach to sexuality that is completely orthogonal to Freud. But he completely won me over with this post in which he asked ...
Do you know the old philosopher, Diogenes? When he was lying on the street, King ask Diogenes what can he help him ? and then, Diogenes tell king fuck away because king block sun shine. This is famous episod in book worms.

WHen i walking on the tokyo street, I met lying man. He seem to be present Diogenes !
... and reminded me that most Americans, who are supposed to be descended from the tradition to which he refers, know Colin Farrell but not Diogenes or Alexander or Aristotle.

Rock on, MasaManiA.


Blogger quaisi said...

That`s a nice find. Well done.

take it easy,


2:53 AM  
Blogger BrightLikeAKnife said...

Thanks, thanks, a thousand times thanks for introducing us to MasaMania. This guy is my hero!
Love, Jen!

11:16 AM  
Blogger Mr. H.K. said...

Rock on Masa, and Rock on Trey!

1:57 PM  
Blogger PeterofLoneTree said...

For an interesting and often humorous look at life from Tokyo, visit and look for "Mike in Tokyo" essays. He has a 2-3 times a week e-mail newsletter if you're interested.

1:12 AM  

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