Thursday, May 08, 2008


I made this dish both Sunday and Monday nights because it is that fucking delicious. Adapted from this amazing "Italian Rice And Beans" recipe of Lolo's, I tweaked it by adding a minced clove of garlic at the beginning (Lolo is very garlic averse), swapping slivered almonds for the pine nuts (because that is what we had in the freezer) and then doubling the greens -- in here are spinach, chard and RAMPS!

Look at me, I bought RAMPS at the farmer's market, which means I am a full on hippie/ yuppie person. But you know what? Ramps are delicious!

This dish is so yummy, salad-y enough for spring and hearty enough for winter, tastes even better the next day, and super nutritious.

I started watching Top Chef. Trey laughs at me because I will say Peggy Hill-esque things like "You know what I would have done for that challenge?" He's very good to me, that man of mine.

I have been feeling so fucking tired when I come home at night, from being at a desk with no natural light for 9-odd hours a day. When I come home, there is so much stuff to do, and all I want is to be OUTSIDE in the real world, in my yard, surrounded by air and trees and vegetation (and we live in Brooklyn right off the BQE.) I have been woefully unproductive at work, not blogging, not writing, just drifting in an endless, enervating surfing fugue that leaves me utterly drained and with a searing pain in my right trapezius. Ugh.


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