Wednesday, November 17, 2004

America -- it's ON!

So, I wasn't paranoid after all. America definitely hates us!

"Jessica's" process of "reasoning" is of particular interest. She says that she "doesn't need to read" my link to because she already knows what my beliefs are, before launching into a series of ad hominem (ad feminem, actually) attacks.

Here is an example of content from the "America-hating Islam extremist's" website, I have highlighted some examples of Raed's extremist views.

Why do we start this war? What do Americans gain when Sharon and his extremist government kill more Palestinians?
Increasing the Arabic hate against America?!
Why?! Why don’t we stop this now???
Murder can not become a policy!! never!!

Fight and kill… more blood and more explosions
More hate between the East and the West

How can anyone distinguish between the bush administration and the American people now?
How can anyone hear my ideas of (anti-bush) not (anti-American)??How can we stop this bloody cycle of violence if the American people didn’t understand what is happening here and try to stop it?
Would it take another 11/9 to know how people in the Middle East are full of pain? Would it take so many other years and other thousands of Americans and Arabs to die before Americans and Arabs know what is happening?
Isn’t this the time for the American people to take their role in the democratic country they built and let their voice be heard?
Isn’t this the right time to stop the neo-cons who hijacked the American government??

It is the time!!
It is the time to understand that it is the duty of us… of the people.. to stop our governments.

It is the time to realize that there is no absolute “evil” and absolute “good”
That we must ALL live in peace… that OUR lives are important…
That no lives are cheaper than other lives!!!!

The damage that already happened is hard to fix… but still we must try .. destroying the political structures and killing leaders would make it worse.. I mean .. where is my government that I would stop? I don’t have anyone to negotiate with neither in Iraq or in Palestine … everyone was killed by Bush and Sharon… and every political structure was crushed too… the only voice is the noise of the extremists
It is different for Americans… you have a government that is built on democratic basis, you can do something .. you can make a difference… your job is easier than my job…

It is the responsibility of the American people to stop their administration from killing more people and giving the green light for Saron ... "the man of peace" as Bush called him!!
stop assassinating more leaders … didn't we see what happened after the assasination of Yasin??????
stop Bush!! … don’t make him make Arab and American people hate each other more.

Don’t let Bush build a new generation of extremists

I am losing faith that words can solve anything when Bush and Sharon are ruling the world, and I can feel that explosion that will destroy everything is coming; it will destroy us and destroy you.


Alas. It seems a "new generation of extremists" was just waiting for Bush to come along. Congratulations to you, Miss Jessica!

Also, I love how people seem to really get off on posting nasty ad hominem/feminem comments on people's blogs. It's so vicious.

Trey's and my new favorite thing is TV5. THE FRENCH TV CHANNEL. Are people going to come up and burn a cross made of baguettes on our non-existent lawn? Anyway, they have this amazing show called "Bibliotheque Ideale" where some French intellectual goes to some other French person's house and looks at all their books and talks about them. It's awesome. American "reality-snooping" shows seem to be all about humiliation.

However, the mindset of a lot of people who post nasty comments would be more -- they knock on the door of your house, you invite them in, they look at your bookshelves, get mad that there's a copy of _Les Rosiers_, tear it to pieces and use it to ignite your curtains.


Blogger Kender said...

I have been reading Raed for awhile now, and posting comments, and he has grown more radical over the last few months. You are aware that Raeds family was a successful one under saddam right? And that being sunni, (even tho' Raed is more secular) he will be in the minority now that saddam is gone right? And you realize of course that means his perks under saddams regime are gone too? Good. I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page doll.

I have read fuckthesouth also. It is too funny. You guys are a hoot. BTW, you do realize that your blog is the absolutely perfect example of a whiny, foot-stomping, leftist, pigheaded, socialistic liberal loser? Not that I am calling you one of those. I am just pointing out the fact that you SOUND like one.

2:34 AM  
Blogger Lillet Langtry said...

Hello Kender,

Do you know that you SOUND like an arrogant, ill-informed, nationalistic short-sighted hatemongering fratboy? ;)

I simply disagree that our current policies further our national interests. (You live in LA, too -- you are going to be so screwed when that gas prices get even worse.) I'm a litle disappointed in you -- you seemed a lot more rational than Jessica. But hey, at least you aren't that god-awful Jeffrey who is on Raed's blog all the time.

Okay. W/r/t "libertarian": did you ever read The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand? Libertarians basically believe that the government should stay out of people's lives almost entirely. This means a) little to no taxes -- everything is funded by private enterprise b)our military etc would be only for national defense -- no imperialist stuff abroad c) no social legislation: total free speech, all consensual behavior between adults permitted, drug use legal -- basically assuming that everyone is an adult and what they do to themselves is their own business. So, if YOU want to have sex with a guy while on drugs you totally can -- but if some guy tried to rape you or rob you, the cops intervene.

The basic theoretical underpinnings that people assume are those of conservatism and liberalism are that "liberals" are for government involvement in things involving social welfare yet maintaining the freedom of the individual in terms of speech and behavior, and that "conservatives" are for controls on behavior and less social legislation. A fascist state is one in which there are severe controls on individual behavior and severe governement controls on individual resources. (dude, you know all this already, right?)

The problem is that I think a lot of people who voted for Bush still think that that old -school conservatism is what the Republican party promises to deliver, and it's just not. The whole "states-rights" thing is being bulldozed with the desire to do this anti-gay marriage amendment, any federal tax cuts will be immediately compensated for by state taxes, and the personal rights and freedoms that supposedly are what we are trying to share with the world are being eroded, and with all the corporate welfare going on, people like you and me, yes, you and me, are going to get screwed.

Don't you think it's in our national interest to have a healthy economy, a strong dollar, to know that people will be taken care of in their old age, and that if you have kids they will live in a safe and clean country? OR are you going to call me a tree-hugging loser or something like that?


10:57 AM  
Blogger Kender said...

Hehe...I may sound like an "arrogant, ill-informed, nationalistic short-sighted hatemongering fratboy" but I am most assuredly not.

I didn't go to college...well, I never graduated, hell, I never even finished a class. I hate school. I am not hatemongering or shortsighted, although I am short. I am also not ill-informed. I do tend to be a touch arrogant, but rarely losing or failing at anything I try will make one arrogant, however it is an earned arrogance, more akin to extreme confidence.

And I am definitly Nationalistic. I believe in this country. I beleive in the people in this country. I also believe that the U.N. is an evil corrupt organization that will destroy the U.S. with globalization if we don't get out of that organization soon.

I do indeed know all about the various beliefs of the differing political parties. If you had scrolled through a few pages of my blog you may have seen the fact that I am a hardcore libertarian. I love the idea of the government getting out of my social life and out of my wallet. I am also for law abiding citizens having access to guns. I beleive that a well armed populace that is able to defend themselves is more likely to be peaceful. It has been shown repeatedly that crime drops when the citizens are armed.

I have read Ayn Rand. (an aside here, I read Ayn Rand in the 7th grade when I heard a radio show mention that the lyrics in some RUSH songs were inspired by Rand)

About state taxes going up to counter the fed tax cuts.
The trick is not to tax more, but to spend less. Period. Private enterprise gets more done for less money. Period.

As for the constitutional amendment regarding gay marrige I have my own thoughts about that. I have many gay friends. Working in the movie industry and entertainment will do that. I don't see it happening. I have my own extreme, (some say) views of what should be done with the whole institution of marriage, and if you would like to hear them just let me know. You can check my blog for the link to my xanga blog which has an email me link.

I am not going to call you a tree hugger. I reserve that term for enviromental extremists, like the sierra club.

One more thing.

As for Jeffrey-New York? I am THE Kender that he grouped together with CMARII and Connie as the "Quartet".

Still wanna chat?

6:30 PM  

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