Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Biting the hand that feeds you? How 'bout we give you the finger!


Oh. Ewe. Eye.


Blogger Jessica said...

Wow... I didn't take the time to go to your link to fuckthesouth.com because it's clear what point you intend to make. I actually linked to you from a post you made on some America-hating Islam extremist's website... I'm glad you think the red states are parasitic. This shows your true lack of intelligence. Why don't you get an economics lesson? Taxpayers vote Republican unless they are liberals who are more concerned about gay marriage than the safety of our citizens. Or if they're famous. The "parasites" are the Democrats that suck taxpayers dollars from government agencies that pay for their illegitimate babies and can't keep a job.

9:35 PM  
Blogger LarryDean said...

Ditto,,,, Thank god for self thinking Americans,,,and thank god for Fox News....


10:20 PM  

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