Monday, July 14, 2008


Obama's position on FISA is unforgiveable, especially coming from a so -called expert on Constitutional law. Sad,puke-inducing, the predictable tacking towards the "center". It worked so well for Kerry last time, why not give it another go?

The whole idea that "centrist" politics are somehow "better" or a "compromise" is in the vein of the King Solomon baby-dividing trial --You can't share the baby? Cut it in half! [Awesome idea, maybe I can use the Gonzales vs. Carhart fetal dismemberment plan! You know, if I'm feeling blue state!] In other words, a really bad idea!

God I'm such a fucking square! Look at me, caring all about "facts" and "the rule of law" and "Geneva conventions" and "the Constitution" and "truth" and shit! Maybe there's a magazine that will help me fit in with the cool kids!


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