Wednesday, May 28, 2008


These are a few of the second batch of pom poms I am sending to a certain BRIDE-TO-BE today! And tomorrow Trey and I are off to Dallas for the WEDDING OF THE YEAR!

I have so much else I want to write but I'm so tired and excited and trying not to forget the eight million things I need to do before we leave. (Sadly, a bikini wax will not be one of them, and it is seriously become That 70s Show down there!) But after work I am getting a pedicure, doing a voiceover, cleaning the house, practicing the ukulele, packing everything, making sure the parasols fit in my duffle bag, YOU NAME IT.

I am really truly honored to be a part of this wedding. I couldn't have predicted, so many years ago when the bride and I were in Modern Poetry Class together at Mother Wellesley, that things would be the way they are today for both of us, but I'm really happy that they are.


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