Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Asses Of Evil

Will somebody please tell me why so many so-called Christians are such virulent, hateful, disgusting people? I'm currently reading Harold Bloom's most excellent The American Religion, and it's giving me some insight, but really, I'm flabbergasted on a daily fucking basis.

Not happy with preventing consenting adults from establishing legal unions as should be their right under the 14th Amendment, which provides for equal protection of all citizens under the law, now the new wave of hateful activism is to try to ban gay couples from adopting.

I challenge anyone who opposes adoption by gay couples to spend some time on -- Read a few of these children's stories.
Cintarius has a lot of unresolved issues regarding the loss of his biological family. Cintarius is a very loving teen who just wants to be loved and accepted. Cintarius hides a lot of his feelings by acting out. He is a little immature for his age but he is extremely bright. He is currently in therapy to help him deal with the loss of his biological family, anger management, self-esteem, grief and separation.

JT’s foster parents says that JT is an exceptional child who has made exceptional progress. He continues to grow and heal with the help of counseling. Everyone agrees that what JT really needs is a supportive and loving home of his very own.

Selena may have some “ups and downs” with her behavior and loss issues, so she needs a family that will be dedicated to helping her work through these issues while continuing to provide her with love and support. Selena really misses her half-sister and an ideal situation would be one where she could continue to have phone contact or some contact with this sister.

These people want to prevent willing families to adopt these and the THOUSANDS more children like them out there, are ready to devote their zeal and time and money to make it that much harder for a kids like Cintarius, who just lost his entire biological family, to be in a home of their own. The only word for this is CRUEL.

The religious right in this country needs to be honest and say, "We feed on misery and self-righteousness. We hate reason, we hate humanity, we hate ourselves, and we hate life itself." Kids don't need to be raised by "one man and one woman." They need to be raised by committed, loving parents. Every gay couple I know is more qualified by a factor of ten million than these bigots. C'est tout.


Blogger -GK said...

I guess its the same evil that would prompt "loving Christians" to picket a military FUNERAL of a soldier killed in Iraq. Doesn't Phelps have anything better to do?

9:46 AM  
Blogger Lillet Langtry said...

DId I ever tell you about the time I called Shirley Phelps Roper on the phone? The Westboro Baptist Church is listed. Usually she answers the phone. She is crazy!

10:44 AM  
Blogger -GK said...

No! OMG- What did you ask her?
They are all crazy! (The only members of their church seem to be members of the family.) Dios mio jesus, save us from these nut cases.

3:24 PM  

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